How are you different from EOS?

Like EOS Software, genEOS offers an operating system-like blockchain construct upon which decentralized applications can be built. In purely technical terms, there is relatively little difference between the two blockchains. The critical distinction lies in our approach to implementation of the governance model. Investors from different geographical locations who passed a KYC/AML procedure will be able to join the project, as a US-based non-profit organization will provide legal support. Involvement of blockchain experts will foster further blockchain development and collaboration with investors as well as allow for Dapp support delivery.

Is genEOS technically different from EOS?

Currently, the two blockchains work in the same way and can be used similarly. However, we plan to constantly introduce technical improvements to the project. Therefore genEOS will evolve differently from EOS in the future. We will also be optimizing the interface and the features on offer in our operating system based on users’ feedback, meaning that over time the user experience will probably diverge too. Additionally, we are welcoming other tech partners to join the project and contribute their technical skills and expertise to the genEOS project. For more details about our technical partnership program, please contact us via a contact form below.

What is your soft cap?

Our soft cap is $2m. If we don’t reach it, all the collected funds will be sent back to the investors.

Which currency can I contribute?

All the contributions must be made in Ethereum (ETH). Fiat contributions will be enabled soon. We are working on Terms and Conditions right now.

Who can join genEOS?

Anyone interested in the project or wishing to change the world with blockchain technology can get on board. We particularly welcome business investors, former EOS Block Producer candidates, developers, and crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

Is everyone eligible for the Token Distribution?

genEOS Tokens can be purchased by anyone. Please note that all investors need to go through a KYC procedure before the end of the token sale.

How can I participate in the token distribution process?

To participate in the genEOS token distribution, you need to send ETH from an Ethereum compatible wallet to the Ethereum genEOS Token distribution smart contract. Fiat contributions will be enabled soon too. To see how many token distribution windows remain and the progress of the current distribution window, use the tracker.

How do I get genEOS?

Click the ‘Get genEOS’ button above and follow the instructions.

How do I start building business apps on top of genEOS?

The best thing you can do is drop us a line via the contact form below. We’ll get back to you shortly to talk about the best way forward for your business.

Is your software already available?

Yes, you can find the source code on GitHub. There is also a public testnet already launched.

What will happen to the raised Ethereum tokens when the token distribution ends?

The collected funds will be managed by NextGenOne, a non-profit organization registered in the US whose sole purpose is to serve the genEOS blockchain community needs.

How will you distribute the tokens?

90% of the entire token supply (900 million genEOS tokens) will be allocated and available to the Secured Token Offering. 10% of the entire supply will be allocated to the NextGenOne llc, which is responsible for administering the STO, with respect to aspects such as KYC/AML compliance, legal support, and customer support.

What are geneOS tokens?

genEOS tokens are ERC20 tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC20 smart contract.

Will ERC20 tokens be automatically converted to genEOS core tokens?

Yes, all ERC20 tokens will be automatically converted to genEOS. There is no need to claim these tokens unless you wish to transfer or trade them. Find more details here.

When will the genEOS distribution start and end?

The genEOS token distribution will last 180 days, starting on June 26, 2018 at 4:00 PM UTC and ending on December 23, 2018 at 4:00 PM UTC. There will be 176 token distribution windows. First 175 windows will last 1 day each and the last window will start on December 18, 2018 and end on December 23, 2018 at 4:00 PM UTC.

How many genEOS tokens will be available for sale?

900 million tokens (90%) of the total token supply will be available in the token sale.